Download A Zoom Cloud Recording

Just like with the local recordings, you’ll see the Record button at the bottom of the screen when you start your video conference. You can then opt to Record to the Cloud, and can stop, pause, or end the recording at any time. You can also transcribe your meeting to save a text of it to the cloud by checking off “Audio Transcript” in the Cloud Recording settings. Once it’s done, the host will get an email letting him or her know that the recording has been processed along with a link to the finished product. At the top, you’ll see where Zoom is storing your local recordings.

  • Under Advanced cloud recording settings, check the box to adjacent to Audio transcript to enable automatic transcription of your cloud recordings.
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  • Having too many old recordings takes a significant toll on your storage, eventually preventing you from adding new recordings.
  • Yes, if that does not work, I also recommend resetting your pc or downgrading back to Windows 10.

The company is now asking users to make sure their Zoom applications — be it on smartphones or desktops — are updated to the latest version before May 30. Its source code was made available on November 3, 2014. Lollipop features a redesigned user interface built around a responsive design language referred to as “material design”.

Recording A Video To The Cloud

Scroll down to Only authenticated users can view cloud recordings and click the toggle to turn on. This is perhaps the most confusing and missed part of managing Zoom recordings. The settings are in a different place than the recordings themselves, which makes sense, but many people might not think to check the settings. Take a few minutes to check out the settings because they do provide several powerful and helpful options. To find the settings, log in to your Zoom account at, click the Settings tab on the left and then click the Recording tab at the top.

Getting Started With Zoom Meetings

While screen mirroring, the secondary device will act as a remote to control your functions. Stay connected with your team or conduct online seminars using Google Hangouts Meet. It is the best tool to set up a virtual meeting online and thereby work together with your team. With G Suite integration, Hangouts Meet supports dial-in phone number for every meeting.

Get streamlined calendaring with scheduling and starting meetings from Gmail, Outlook, iCal, etc. It supports recording your meetings in the cloud or locally with the searchable transcript. This cloud-based audio/video/content sharing conferencing service works through your web browser or an app that can be downloaded for most desktop and mobile operating systems.

Most Creative People

Zoom can also be a simple lecture capture system by running a meeting with only oneself, while sharing the screen as a typical meeting or class. All meeting activity including host voice narration , and screen sharing will be captured and saved. Box is recommended for long term and archive storage for all local and cloud recorded video content. When processing is finished, Zoom will email you that recording is available.